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Tony Elischer
January 17, 2016, 1:03 am
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Tony Elischer we will miss you.
It is taking time to sink in, the loss of you, my friend. 

But I have a few words I wish to say.

My friend and teacher Tony. You have lived and you have been loved. You have taught and you have learned.
You gave and gave and gave. And from that, I know you will have taken, and you will have laughed and smiled at our achievements and our failures.

Our fundraising and charity world will miss you – but will not be a sadder place without you, because:
– We will remember you. 

– We will remind ourselves of your energy.

– Your brilliance.

– Your generosity.

– Your ability to critique us and push us to be better.

– Your careful way of showing us there is always more.

– More we can do.

– More we can be.

– More we can learn.

– More that can be achieved.

You led us with innovation and passion and energy. And your amazing personality that cut through to always achieve the best for everyone.

We have loved you. We know you have loved your work, your family, friends, and fundraisers and fundraising. Pushing yourself and all of us, across the world, to not only do better but to do the best.
I thank you for that. I shall not forget you. I thank you for reminding us all of those three little and yet most important things:

– And?

– So what?

– Why?

When we can answer those questions in all that we do, we will be on the way to being the best fundraisers we can be. Only then will we be part of your team Tony, and part of your legacy.
So our challenge to ourselves is:
– Never stop questioning. 

– Keep up the good work. 

– To not forget we are changing the world for the better. Day by day. No matter how hard it is.

What we do is important. Tony you taught us this! Thank you.

It took me a couple of days to be able to write something for you, my friend. I began by feeling too sad. 
But as we pass midnight into this new day, today, it is my birthday and I want to dedicate my celebrations to you. When I meet with another fundraising friend for dinner later, we will drink to you. We will love and remember you. 
We will drink and celebrate to the future that you will continue to be part of. Because we have all learned from you.

You have our love Tony. And we have your passion, teachings, encouragement, energy, and the knowledge you helped us to gain. Thank you.

Thank you for being our friend and teacher. We will strive to not let you down.

You are missed already Tony Elischer. 
With much love. Di x


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