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Di Flatt is Chief Executive and chief fundraiser for Sweetpea Charity. She believes in living well not for profit, a true social change maker, charity consultant, mentor to other fundraisers, writer of articles and poetry, an artist who has done many commissions, a regular speaker at conferences and conventions, a follower of the linkerati and is working every day towards making our future a better place !!

Di is currently Chair of the Institute of Fundraising in Yorkshire, as well as Chief Executive for Sweetpea Charity, and this blog is all about her world of charities and fundraising.

Di would like you to remember that all the wonderful work of the many charities costs money just like any business. You have the power to be part of this, as every £1 given to charity effects change, for a person, a community, an animal, a species, the environment, the World – for the future, forever!

Thank you to every single one of you who donate to an important cause – you are changing the World, forever!


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I love your site. Keep it up !

Comment by knowledgetoday

Thank you knowledgetoday.

Comment by diflatt

Hi Di!

We’re big fans of your blog here at askCHARITY (http://askcharity.org.uk/), and were wondering if you would perhaps like to affiliate with our own blog (http://askcharity.org.uk/blog/)? If you add us to your blogroll/links section, we’ll pop your name up on our blogroll (left hand side).

Let us know!

Comment by teri

Hi currently very busy at the Institute of Fundraising National Convention. Will add you as soon as have time. Probably at the weekend. Thanks! I am so pleased you like what I have to say. I am doing a new update all about creativity which will also be ‘up’ at the weekend. Di

Comment by diflatt

Excellent! Thanks a million, Di – will add you to our list too asap. Looking forward to your new post.

Comment by teri

Hi Teri – I finally managed to add you to my blog roll. I really need to build in more blog time to my busy weeks! Hope you are all well. Di x

Comment by diflatt

Hi Di,

Havana Rum are hoping to host a Bloggers Meeting in Leeds on Thurs, 1st Oct 2009 and we would love it if you could make it.

Is this something you would be interested in attending? Please let me know and I can get back to you with details of the event. The venue has not been confirmed but it may be at the Boutique Bar in Hirsts Yard.

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards
Laura Tan

Comment by Laura

charities are a good way to make social comments love

Comment by Denver Small

Great blog!

Comment by Pedro Pereira

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