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June 10, 2015, 7:44 am
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Today I start my day reading another news story about charities. It makes me angry and incredibly sad. 

Fundraisers and charities do absolutely incredible work. And yes there will be a very tiny few that do something badly or wrong. That is similar to most professions and workplaces. And I say similar not same because regardless of the media hype – problems/mistakes/wrong doings in the fundraising profession are rare. Complaints are extremely minimal. 

I wish the media would spend their time highlighting the incredible and amazing work done across the street/region/country/world because of fundraising. 

So today I responded to a Facebook piece/link about a Guardian post talking about charities allegedly ‘aggressive’ fundraising. I responded as follows. 

“Please consider “chugger” is charity mugger. No street or any other fundraiser is a mugger. They – whether brilliant or not very well trained and supported – are fundraisers doing a job. They tell people about a charity and its work and they ask them if they would like to be involved/donate/be contacted. Every person asked has the freedom to say no thanks and to walk away. They also have the freedom to say no thanks and close the door or hang up the telephone. This is no different to putting a letter/door drop/newspaper or magazine insert into the bin. We all have the freedom to chose to donate/set up a direct debit/say no. It is time for fundraisers to stand up for the amazing work they do. No fundraiser or fundraising charity should say anything bad about any type of fundraising. Every type is about asking people to help other people/animal/environment/etc. And everyone asked can say yes or say no thank you. Everyone can say no thanks and please remove my details. 

Don’t complain. Either donate and do something good. Or say no thank you. Or say no thank you and please remove my details and don’t write or call me again. 

I donate to several charities/causes. I say no thanks to many more than I donate to. It is my choice. When I say no thanks and please remove my details my details are removed. It is simple. 

There are some bad/badly trained people. Just as in any other profession/industry. 

But let us all remember. Without fundraisers and the fundraising profession there will be no charity to help you if you have cancer/epilepsy/diabetes/Alzheimer’s/depression/mental illness/etc or to rescue you at sea or to help you see out the end of your life because there would be no hospice. 

Think and think again. 

This year at the annual Fundraising National Convention the theme is #bestyoucanbe. This is what most fundraisers strive for. To do the best they can. For people like you and me. So people or animals have better lives or so we can all have a better environment. Or to help others after a disaster situation. 

It is always dreadful when we hear about something that has gone wrong of course – but they are few, very few. The media love to hype up any problem. Don’t add to the hype. Remember that you need charities. We all do. And as the government cut backs continue and austerity measures continue to increase. Remember it is your local national and international charities that will be there to help you. 

I just ask you to think. 

Thank you and have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine whilst we have it 😊.”

And that is all I ask of you. Please think. 

Thank you. And thank you to all the amazing fundraisers out there in the UK and across the world. I know you are all being the #bestyoucanbe. We need you. Thank you. 



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