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Thought for the day – never deny yourself your need for inner fulfilment….

Di Flatt

Di Flatt

Good morning, hmmnnn well yes it is still morning just about. Have had a very lazy start to the day. Bronchitis still visiting, but definitely feeling a little better. However now have the most beautiful blood shot left eye !! Now this is either due to all the coughing or due to my leaving my contact lens in too long……

Well have just been picking up emails and have been told off by one of my friends re my lovely new bathmat. Apparently bath mats are not supposed to be receiving ‘royal treatment’ in fact her words were ‘for heaven’s sake, use the bath mat! That’s its destiny and you’re denying it a chance of inner fulfilment!’

So now I feel quite guilty, poor thing has been living here over a week and has just been moved from bath to sink, to floor (on thursday) back to the bath and sink manouevres (have I spelt that right ? My friend Paul will let me know, he is an excellent proof reader and a self proclaimed ‘I cannot help myself but point it out to you’ man. In fact he just sent me an email saying ‘sorry for pointing out mistakes’! But hey sometimes I type so fast I shall miss my own mistakes so Paul – keep on proofing, you can be my editor).

So I am about to go take quick shower before going shopping to buy new woolly hat to keep warm against this windy weather so am going to take a running jump (metaphorically speaking) and use the bathmat for its actual purpose – because how could I deny the poor (beautiful) thing it’s ‘chance of inner fulfilment’.

I guess that would be like denying me from being a fundraiser and blue sky thinker – I would be miserable. I can’t be having a miserable bath mat – she would soon stop being beautiful.

So thank you Sue for pointing that out. It is a lesson for us all – to not deny ourselves our inner fulfilment – we would only become less beautiful!

So bath mat get ready to be fulfilled. Bye for now, enjoy your saturday, be back soon.


Every £1 donated to charity goes towards changing someone’s life or positively changing our environment. My charity www.epilepsy.org.uk, and every charity – we need you.

Di x


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Hi Di,

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so great. Hope you’re back to full health in a jiffy! If I give you a link on my website, would you add one to mine? It’s all in the service of good SEO results!
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Still getting feedback from the conference, all very positive as well!



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