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Day two in this new game of words….
February 18, 2009, 5:51 pm
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Di Flatt

Di Flatt

So today I am still ill with bronchitis, the third day off work and I am starting to get a little frayed around the edges – don’t pull any threads as it will only get worse. I even watched Jeremy Kyle this morning….. young couple getting dna results on their child, results proved child wasn’t his but they loved each other anyway and are staying together – it almost brought a tear to my eyes ! And was an excellent reminder that I prefer being in the office !!! So note to self is ‘get well soon’.

Very disappointed that being ill has meant missing the Brit Awards official after party at Embassy tonight. Such a shame as sure I would have looked just fine in the two page OK spread they are doing for next month’s issue…. Get the mag and just imagine me in the pictures is all I can suggest. Well me coming off the guest list will have meant some other lovely person will be able to go – there you go, my giving moment for the day.

Anyway, decided today there are some benefits in being at home, for example NICE coffee is good, and had a lovely piece of steak for my lunch. However a little lesson for you – when you have a pack of something that says ‘not suitable for microwave’ BELIEVE THEM…… I didn’t but I do now. No it wasn’t the lovely little garlic jacket potatoes that sparked a fire, it was the tray they were in – yes clearly I had a blonde moment there (I can say that being a natural blonde!) – BUT the benefit of this little moment is that I do now know the smoke alarm works very well…..

So my day continued. Been on twitter quite a bit and think might have become addicted – just need to work out how it is going to help me change the world into a better place……

Had a run in with my new bath mat – it is just too pretty to stand on, so it now lives on the side of the bath and when had bath this morning I moved it to sit on the sink. Used a towel instead to stand on, and then when self and floor all dried again, hung the mat back on the side of the bath…… Have I become a bathroom geek or what. What use is a bathmat that I am not going to stand on. Can you have wall hangings in the bathroom I wonder – perhaps I can start a new trend.

I also learned to change a fuse today, after blowing the lights when changing a light bulb. So there you go, a new string to my bow.

Well I promise that soon I shall talk more about the world of fundraising, and changing the world but for now whilst being stuck at home with the bronchitis you are getting nothing but my nonsense.

oh dear, now there goes another thread……. let me come back to work !!
signing off for now, hope you had a great day.


Every £1 donated to charity goes towards changing someone’s life or positively changing our environment.   My charity www.epilepsy.org.uk, and every charity – we need you.

Di x


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